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Shelly chair of barbershop-sanat navaz

Shelly chair of barbershop

The sn-3426 chair is the most usable chairs that is chosen by many interior decoration designers and beauty salon managers. In the description of this product can be said: production in color scheme according to customer's order, jack of chair with adjustable height, advantages of this product is use of cold foam with a form of iron and pressed parts.
1- Steel base with plated by chromium steel.
2- Gaseous jack with adjustable height for easy access to the desired height.
3- The material of pedal is integral for the more convenience of customers.
4- Variety of leather colors to customer selection (produced the seat color according to the design of the customer salon).
5- Material of foam seat is cold type by injection with ferrous form and manufactured in accordance with the ergonomics of users in Iran, which cause of long durability of product.
6- Has one year warranty and up to 10 years after-sales service.