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Hydraulic chair-sanat navaz

Hydraulic chair

In the description of the Sn-6820 chair, we can be said to be unique in efficiency. Observance of ergonomics in the design and production of chairs and molded parts, adjustable height hydraulic pedal jack, adjustable backrest gas jack in the form of a recliner and chair, beautiful and striking sewing, producible in desired color, fits the hairdresser's design, has led interior designers and beauty salon managers to choose this unique product.

1- Pressed steel legs with engineered design, for more balance of seats with coated by chrome steel, exclusive template of SANAT NAVAZ.
2- Adjustable height of pedal jack with 17 cm course for easy access to desired height.
3- The movable armchair is designed and manufactured by integral foam with a beautiful appearance and long durability, exclusive template of SANAT NAVAZ.
4- Lever of backrest of seat is gaseous jack, adjustable in the form of recliner and chair.
5- Front foot pedal for the more convenience of customers.
6- Variety of leather colors to customer selection (produced the seat color according to the design of the customer salon).
7- Material of foam seat is cold type by injection with ferrous form and manufactured in accordance with the ergonomics of users in Iran, which cause of long durability of product.
8- Adjustable height of headrest in the form of grading.
9- One year unconditional warranty and up to 10 years after-sales service.