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Electric chair-sanat navaz

Electric chair

The Sn-3210 chair is designed and manufactured with the aim of improving the satisfaction of our dear customers in the SANAT NAVAZ Company. The advantage of this new product can be designed based on the principles of ergonomics, two separate 24V motors, Power of 8000 Newton, EC models made in Taiwan, with remote control, European day standard, Full folding bed of chair, can be set to bed and chair in different directions and excellent balance power due to engineered design.

1- Pressed steel base and engineered design with chromed steel cover.
2- Has two separate 24V motors with a power of 8000 Newton, EC models made in Taiwan.
3- Chair’s cover is designed and manufactured from washable and anti-scratch abs for a beautiful view of product.
4- The material of armchair is iron with coating by chrome steel and integral foam for comfort and beauty of the product.
5- Backrest and footrest of chair is movable in the form of chair and sofa.
6- Remote control for status control of seat.
7- Variation of leather color to customer selection (produced the seat color according to the design of the customer salon).
8- Material of foam seat is cold type by injection with ferrous form and manufactured in accordance with the ergonomics of users in Iran, which cause of long durability of product.
9- Adjustable height of headrest.
10- One year warranty and up to 10 years after-sales service.