Commonplace questions

How to trust SANAT NAVAZ for online shopping?
Answer: SANAT NAVAZ Company is one of the largest Internet companies in the country, which sends many orders daily to all parts of Iran;
1. SANAT NAVAZ Company has a license from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and has a 2-star electronic trust symbol (the highest rank of trust symbol).
2. SANAT NAVAZ Company has a license from the Tehran Computer Technology Association (the sole licensing authority for Internet companies).
3. SANAT NAVAZ Company has a registration certificate from the Center for Development and Information Technology and Digital Media of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
4. SANAT NAVAZ Company is a member of the Internet Business Association.
5. SANAT NAVAZ Company is ranked first and the "pre-eminent badge" of the Seventh International Digital Media Festival of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
6. SANAT NAVAZ Company owns the SIMIN brand statue of popular consumers from the National Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights.
7. SANAT NAVAZ Company has registered trademark, a sales office in the capital's administrative center, warehouse and dedicated shipping fleet.
8. SANAT NAVAZ Company has well-known and reputed management and founders at the international level.
9. SANAT NAVAZ Company has the highest level of customer satisfaction (93% satisfaction of customers in the latest survey was a gold leaf on a multi-yearly industry record), which shows that after several years of activity, still customer satisfaction is the most important goal in the SANAT NAVAZ.
Why prices in the SANAT NAVAZ are lower than other companies?
The main reason for this issue is SANAT NAVAZ policy of offering the lowest price and offering the most services to customer.
We are aware that in the age of the Internet and social networks, no variation in the success of a business is higher than the satisfaction of our customers, so we have tried to reduce the margin of profit rather than pay exorbitant cost for advertising, and along with the presentation More and better services, maximize the satisfaction of our customers; this means win-win games for us and you.
At the moment, our policy has made many of our clients be people who are familiar with the SANAT NAVAZ through their friends and acquaintances.
How to make sure the purchased item is the main item?
1. SANAT NAVAZ Company, Only the original products and products themselves sell the company on the site.
2. The goods purchased from the SANAT NAVAZ Company have a warranty card or sticker.
3. SANAT NAVAZ Company unlike companies in the area of city, is a prestigious brand. An authentic brand because of the value it has for its brand, under no circumstances, does not question its brand credibility for minor benefits, while companies in the area of city have no well-known brand and name and May be today and not be the next day.
4. In addition to the above, SANAT NAVAZ Company has a 10-day Golden Warranty for replacement, which if the goods purchased in the first 10 days were technically defective, it will replace the goods for the customer, while no other company or non-Internet provider won’t provide this service.
Is it possible for the difference in price on the SANAT NAVAZ site due to the difference in the producer country?
No, this is just a justification that other companies offer you for more expensive sales of their goods.
1. Considering that the SANAT NAVAZ is not the importer of the goods and only sells its own products, therefore, the company can’t declare that our product is related to country X.
2. However, in cases where there are several series of products on the market, the SANAT NAVAZ Company, as the only Internet Company, by separating the product type for the customer, provides possibility to choose for the customer.
3. Even if the manufacturer's brand is not included in a product, dear customers can ask by phone and then buy with confidence.
Could it be because of the difference in price on the SANAT NAVAZ site because of the difference in the warranty period?
No, this is just a justification that other companies offer you for more expensive sales of their goods.
All the products that the company guarantees, they all have the same warranty period and it's not possible to have a different warranty period in a company with another company.
In addition, in contrast to some other companies that may have been part of the warranty period, the SANAT NAVAZ will try to keep the warranty history up to date.
Some companies announce, the reason is that the price of the SANAT NAVAZ is cheaper that is, for example, buying defective goods from other companies, is this correct?
No, unfortunately, the impossibility of healthy competition by some vendors has made them tricky to be able to sell their products at a higher price by destroying the mindset of the customer.
How can we be sure of this issue?
1. The first question is to ask ourselves, is a large company willing to question its brand by supplying defective products in the market? And as these companies spend big money on advertising and after-sales services for their branding?
2. is it possible even if their agent wants to do this, the main company allows them to do so?
3. Assume that the person or seller who has spoken to you has answered this question positively. Now, ask yourself the seller. How do you prove that your own products and goods are not one of those troubled goods? By the way he offers, you can easily understand that a product purchased from SANAT NAVAZ is defective or a product purchased from the same company!!
4. Another solution is to contact the company or after-sales service of the brand, instead of accepting the seller's say, and check whether this is correct or not.
City-level stores say that because your prices are lower, your goods are a showcase, is this correct?
Still no, unfortunately, the impossibility of competition has made some vendors resort to any letter and do anything:
1. Unlike to the nature of the stores in the city, there are no online stores, showcases and exhibitions to displayed goods.
2. Given that this issue will apply for companies in the city, it is better to ask them, where is it clear that the product you sell is not on the showcase? Then apply any strategy that you have made to check whether the purchased item has been showcased or not.
3. Naturally, the product that is placed behind the showcase loses its initial cleanliness due to the dust in the environment, even if it is cleaned, this dirt is clearly with some customer precision. Meanwhile, these goods lose their initial new due to the use of customers for their visit, which is also noted with a little precision.
Therefore, it is emphasized to our customers, especially when buying from companies in the city, this matter is carefully considered.
4. As previously announced, using these strategies to earn more profit is just the opposite of corporate politics, such as SANAT NAVAZ, which is investing a long time on its brand. This solution is more likely to be for the benefit of individuals and companies who are seeking short-term interests, vendors who have no specific brand and not even a fixed company!!
It is said that online stores are not reliable, and after buying, if you have a problem, your hands will not get anywhere? Is this correct?
Unfortunately, this case, like all other cases, is only for the destruction of the customer's mentality, that a store is an Internet-based means of not identifying its location and place, especially in the case of large corporations, but means that in these companies you Instead of visiting, you can shop by visiting the website all day and seven days a week.
In addition, Internet companies need to obtain approval, including police stations, for licensing activities. Licenses from competent authorities such as the e-commerce Development Center of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce, and avocation license from the union, without any specific place of business, are not granted to any business.
On the other hand, in comparison with companies in the city, you are in the SANAT NAVAZ Company, account with a registered company and brand that is far more responsive.
In addition, the address of the manufacturing company and central office are located in the menu section about us and at the bottom of the site's homepage.
Is website prices up to date?
Yes, we always try our best to keep up the price and inventory status of the site. To this end, we have included as the first and only company the date of updating the price and inventory along with all the price of the products. This date indicates that on that particular day the product has been in the company at a specified price. However, customers only need to register to order to know the latest price and inventory.
Meanwhile, in more than 95% of cases, even after the date of update, prices and inventory are correct.
Is there a possibility to discount prices on the site?
Considering that the pricing of goods in the company is based on the minimum margin of profit, unfortunately, there is no discount on its prices.
What are the SANAT NAVAZ Company's advantages over other companies?
1. Offering the lowest price.
2. Providing the greatest variety of brand and product.
3. Buy original goods with original warranty.
4. Provide most after sales service.
5. Possibility to quick send in less than 3 working days according to geographical location.
6. Access to full information about goods and possibility to compare through the website.
7. Save time to buy.
How do I know there is something in the SANAT NAVAZ Company?
Typically, all items available on the company's website are available in the company's warehouse, but due to the high volume of orders and the high volume of products on the site, there is no instant update.
For this reason, the time of purchase from the SANAT NAVAZ site is to request inventory and price. In this phase, our colleagues will notify you in less than two hours from the time of the registration and purchase and the ordering of the order, if it is not available by phone, email and SMS.
Is it possible to buy in person?
Yes, because of the nature of the company, it is possible to buy in person.
Is it possible to view the goods before buying?
Yes, due to the nature of the company, it is possible to see the goods closely. But to make purchases available to customers, complete product details and photos are placed on the website where customers can make purchases with their help.
Can I get the goods at the company door?
Yes, because the location of the company's office and its warehouse are different, there is a possibility to receive the goods of the company's doors.
Is there a possibility to get a pro-invoice?
Yes, this is possible by contact by phone.
Can I open and view my goods when delivered?
Yes, except for the particulars stated in the delivery receipt, customers are obliged to make apparent delivery in all cases, that is, they first examine their goods in appearance, then, they arrive at the correct and healthy goods delivered. This item is also true and same for transmittal via the SANAT NAVAZ fleet and by mail and courier.
Do I have to be a member on the site to buy from the SANAT NAVAZ?
Answer: no. You can also buy a SANAT NAVAZ without a membership, but by membership to the site, in addition to receiving information about festivals and discounts, you can enjoy the benefits of this membership.
Can I buy for someone else from SANAT NAVAZ Company and delivery order to that person?
Answer: Yes, with this clause, when you order someone else's delivery order, you can deliver the goods to the person you are looking for.
Can I register my order by the phone?
Answer: In specific cases, in order to expedite the processing and ordering process and reduce the possibility of errors in the order registration, respectable customers should register their orders online. But in special cases, people can call us and our colleagues register for the order in the system.
I need advice to choose and buy goods on the site, is there a way to help me in making decisions?
Answer: SANAT NAVAZ Company experts are doing their best to provide the information needed to buy any item on the site, however, if the information on the site is still not enough for you, you can first place your order in the system of registration and after the call of experts, ask questions, then give your order if you wish.
Is it possible that online payments unsuccessful and the amount from my account has decreased?
Answer: Yes, in some cases, you may deduct a payment from your account while paying the bill, but your payment is not confirmed. In these cases, you will usually be returned to your account immediately from the bank, but this may be up to 72 hours delayed to be related to the bank and has nothing to do with the company.
Can I pay my order in installments?
Answer: No, there is no possibility of installment buying.
Can I pay check for our order?
Answer: No, The SANAT NAVAZ is excusing acceptance of any bank checks to prevent probable problems.
Is the Internet payment on the company's website secure?
Answer: When you pay online, you will be logged in from the site to the bank and will pay for it through the portal and website of that bank. It should be noted that bank ports also have no place to worry about, since they use the secure HTTP protocol. In addition, for more precaution, you can use the virtual keyboard when entering your bank card information.
How to negotiate for free transmittal?
Answer: questions is for free transmittal for items that can’t be sent free of charge at first, but upon request, a re-examination of the charge is made again. The review response may consist of a free transmittal, a discount at the initial cost of sending or disagreeing with a free transmittal.
Can I get my order at a certain date and time?
Answer: Yes, colleagues send the company contact you before sending the goods and coordinate the time of delivery.